Communication tactics

FCO claims I owe a debt from an apartment community I had reached an agreement with to move with no charges. Without my knowledge the apartment company filed eviction after I had moved per our agreement. I received calls 3 years ago from a XXXX MD number but never a voice mail. I received no written correspondence either. In XX/XX/XXXX I was turned down for an apartment and learned about FCO on my credit report. I sent a certified return receipt letter on XX/XX/XXXX requesting they validate the debt and I was disputing the debt. From XX/XX/XXXX through XX/XX/XXXX I received twice daily phone calls from FCO. I was not able to answer and they did not leave a voicemail. After receiving no debt validation I sent a follow up letter in XX/XX/XXXX. Once again I began to receive phone calls from FCO immediately after they received my letter. I did not answer the phone as I had sent letters requesting debt validation. I received a word document with charges listed all in XX/XX/XXXX. I finally called them and when I questioned the validity they then sent me the same document but had illegally placed a company logo on the top. This is not the company I rented the apartment. I was told that XXXX the Compliance Officer did not speak to people on the phone also the one time I called. I was asked if I had an attorney and I should get one if I did n’t. FCO continually refuses to verify this debt and responded only with this word document. I also forwarded via email to XXXX her communications with another person who she removed the account and cleared the credit report since she could not verify the debt. FCO has recently been sued by the XXXX for these exact illegal practices. XXXX has also been XXXX recently which goes to character. This company uses illegal practices including cutting and pasting a company logo ( the new owner of the apartment complex ) on a word document and mailing it to me. This is mail fraud!! Creating a document, presenting it as genuine?? I just recently sent yet another letter to FCO requesting again that they verify the debt. I do not owe this debt. Please help. I will agree to allow CFPB to publish this so that it may help others about dealings with FCO.

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