Communication tactics

I filed a complaint against XXXX/XXXX through this agency the case number is OMB # XXXX. I did get a letter from NES offering a co-borrower release for {$220.00} due XX/XX/XXXX they acknowledge that they are a debt collector then say that there is {$560.00} that I owe on the account. The letter they sent me is dated XX/XX/XXXX. I spoke to someone at NES last week and I told them that I wanted XXXX or NES to remove this account from my credit report because XXXX has never accepted that I had an agreement with XXXX XXXX to pay {$48.00} a month without having to bring the account up to date from when my nephew stopped paying for 7 months. My argument is that the account should have never been sent to a collection agency since I have been paying this account since XX/XX/XXXX. Why did XXXX think this account was not going to get paid? When did I give them an indication that I was not going to finish paying this account? Today I get a call from NES and it was the rudest call ever. The representative actually called my nephew a thief!!! What business does he have saying something like that. I am a XXXX, I am a law abiding citizen, I have done nothing but try to help my nephew get a career. My nephew fell upon hard times and did n’t pay on his loan, I took over payments when I found out he was n’t paying. I have paid for 5 years I am not cheating anyone! He had no right to accuse my family member of anything especially since I have been making payments. Yes, I paid the XXXX payment two weeks late but I also sent the XXXX payment a week early. My father died on XXXX XXXX he was sick on XXXX XXXX, I was n’t thinking about student loans – should XXXX have assumed that I would no longer pay after sending in XXXX of dollars. Should I be punished with a bad credit report because XXXX felt the need to send it to an unscrupulous company that hires people that slander my family member because they really thought I would give up making payments? Something really needs to be done, this is abusive.

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