Communication tactics

I filed a complaint agains t Wells Fargo w ith CFPB on XX/XX/XXXX about their XXXX discrimination for a two month Deferment while I was on medical leave and they would n’t provide assistance for XXXX medical leave only if I was physically at my job before my complaint and still after their response to my complaint. When I submitted my final response letter to their counter response, I included a CEASE & DESIST from all telephone contact which is still on file with CFPB, They attempted to call once right after that in late XXXX which is their right by law, however They started calling again in XXXX and continue calling me. XX/XX/XXXX is the first time I have become one month past due on my loan, due to loss of employment, but they called me on XX/XX/XXXX and left a message, XX/XX/XXXX and left a message, XX/XX/XXXX and left a message, and XX/XX/XXXX no message left. Like I advised before, do not contact me by telephone, email or US ma il is fine, however I have not received any written contact from Wells Fargo Auto Finance at all just these calls. I do not wish to be called ever. My loan history will show that my pay history has been perfect until now. I am not just suddenly going to stop paying my loan, I am waiting for unemployment to kick in at which point I will be paying again. Again I do not wish to be contacted by phone and should not have to provide a seco nd Cease and Desist req uest in writing again!

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