Communication tactics

Caine & Weiner ar e continuing to call, harass and use abusive tactics to collect a debt I FAXED and mailed a cease and desist including remove the account from any and all cra ; s as th at is an attempt to collect a debt. THE LAW states they have to provide3 original signed contract, complet payment history on original creditor account, legal right to collect and letter of assignement between collection and original collector. FACT act letter of notif 30 days prior to reporting ANY late or missed payment by original creditor and FDCPA letter PROVIDED within 5 days of accepting account. THEY REFUSE AND ARE REPORTING ON THE credit reporting agency ILLEGALLY and in NONCOMPLIANCE to ALL credit and collection reporting laws! see letter they ignored! I am making official writ notice to you today, even right now and right here in a civilly recognized certified declaration of composed challenge as I, in my rights to do such, compel or even adamantly demand for your requisite check to ensure you are performing complaint reporting, the compliance of what you are reporting and the compliance of how these allegations are being mysteriously reported by whom you transferred this certain injurious or even illegal damning allegations that are to date severely deficient of adequate proof to be fully all : ( 1 ) true, ( 2 ) fully correct, ( 3 ) fully complete, ( 4 ) within federal timeliness, and ( 5 ) to be of my lawful ownership of responsibility ( 6 ) as well as in agreement to eve ry and one even ea ch any and or all of the mandates/ obligations/regulations/and laws of my state as well as any and all pertinent federal laws, whether noted here or not regardless of your willful disregard of or the ignorance thereof. This letter is in part due to possibly even an response to the likely infringing communications I received from a collector representing your agency very recently , beit a phone call/fax/mail or otherwise matters not since the requisite laws were not obliged by.In thi s horrendous communication, your collector attempted, illegally mind you, to forcibly informed me that I insanely owed YOU an alleged debt ( see enclosed ). Upon reaching out to your collector in reply guardedly mind you, within my legal rights to do so, I questioned the collector regarding your rights to pursue this unproven and infringing accusation, I was stubbornly and overbearingly yet curtly informed that YOUR FIRM ‘S policy DID NOT permit any validation of the information regarding this or any alleged debt and it was your firm ‘s policy to NOT provide detailed account records to ANY debtor.I AM IN MY RIGHTS TO ABSOLUTELY REQUEST THAT YOU PLEASE VERIFY AND VALIDATE PHYSICALLY EVER Y AND ONE EVEN EACH ANY AND OR ALL OF THE CLAIMS OF THIS ALLEGED YET UNPROVEN TO BE MY RESPONSIBILITY OR FAULT.DEMONSTRATE READILY AND TIMELY THE PRECISE CONFIRMING FACTS OF THE ALLEGED ACCOUNT INCLUDING EVERY SINGL E ONE EVEN EACH ANY AND OR ALL OF ITS ARTICL E ASPECTS.BY FEDERAL LAWS, YOU MUST WILLFULLY AND PROMPTLY DELETE TODAY EVEN RIGHT NOW THIS DEFICIENT REPORTING OR ELSE PRESENT TO ME TRUE DOCUMENTED CERTIFICATE PROOF OF ALL DATA, EVERY NOTATION, DATE, BALANCE, CALCULATION, AUDIT, PERSONAL IDENTIFIER, EACH OF THE REQUISI TE 426-CHARACTERS OF THE EXACT AN D FULLY COMPLIAN T P6 STATEMENT , ANY ALPHA-/ NUMER IC-/ AND OR ALPHANUMERIC SOURCE CODE DECIDING THE LEFTNESS OR RIGHTNESS STATES, AND EVEN EVERY ASPECT OF THE MANDATE D 386 PIECES OF CONFIRMATION TO COLLECTION.
I have clearly indicated or even demanded to correspond to someone with appropriate authority, should it be a phone call the with a supervisor.YET I HAVE NOT been allowed such communication. I take that, as would anyone in my circumstance I assume, that your collector is trying to make me convinced that a person or adequate authority or even a lowly supervisor is or was unavailable .Worse, without satisfying any of the mandated requirements, it seems as if you are continuing efforts in non-compliance to make me believe I should or must pay the unproven debt or if in defiance I might face being sued by your firm. In past and I am certain should I do such with your firm as well, whenever I informed or do conversationally inform YOUR collector that I was or am in process to start a recording of the totally eradicate of common standards and mis behavioristic, at best descriptions, conversation I was or your collector will hang up or hung up on me. Infringing claims that are not testimonial in its indubitable certificate to be adequately true, accurate, complete, timely and or compliant to ever y and one even each any and or all of the requisite and obligatory State ( mine ) and or Federal laws that are applicable, regardless if claimant alleges ignorance or is willful in their derelict of the mandates violated.Per my RIGHTS to do so, I demand that you adequately ATTEST in lawful composition to every single and one even each any and or all of the data, every notation, the dates and balances, calculations and audits, accounting records and assure even the documented identities, the required CRSA en acte d Metro-2 426-character format fielded P6 statement ( s ), at least the minimal five ( 5 ) portioned personal identifiers, authentic unabbreviated alpha-/ numeric-/ and or alphanumeric source code ( s ), respective corresponding and specific 386 pieces of confirmation to collect, any and every particular status code and description, as well as every single and one even eac h any and or all of the facets demanded by my State and or Federal, mentioned or not.Take note that the Ignorance of laws is not lawfully vindication nor exoneration from delusive chicanery, acted in ignorance or otherwise matters not.To return to or retain required compliance, delete every and one even each any and or all of the derogatory remarks today, even now! I tell you the truth, to this I have made my self aware of my rights and what actions I might seek in reactions to being treated as a lame duck and or threatened with scandalously deplorable legal actions by your representative or any others, I know to know ensure I have quickly a need to contact the United States CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU ; I know I am in need to ensure that I speak or make notice to understanding of the laws and my rights representative who will make certain that I am or have always been forwarded to an appropriate leveled authority figure, maybe even just a supervisor who will or each time in the previous made clear as it is or was being pointed out that, indeed, YOUR Firm IS REQUIRED BY THE FDCPA and the Credit Reporting Bureau Settlement agreement to PROVIDE every single one even each any and or all of the FOLLOWING information to any debtor, including myself, that your firm is pursuing, whether rightfully so or in denial of laws. Additionally, my extensive researches into this matter have detailed to me very assertively that literally an y good attorney knowledgeable on credit, finance, and or every a nd one even each any and or all of the consumer rights laws has confirmed to me that most definitely your FIRM is compelled by ethics, morality, and even TORT laws precedent to provide this information or face a lawsuit to deliver to me adequate monetary justice and satisfaction of remedying annulment of every and one even each any and or allof your untruths, inaccuracies, untimely claims, incomplete allegations, and or all other unpro ven mine or not fully compliant reportings : XXXX XXXX XXXX , XXXX , XXXX XXXX XXXX , XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX , XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX . XXXX XXXX

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