Communication tactics

This debt collection agency known as Accurate Collection Services or ACS located at XXXX XXXX XXXX, XXXX NJ are harassing me, as well as, my family I live with and who I am partially supported by, since I only receve a small amount of SS XXXX benefits that has created a ” genuine ” and severe financial hardship since I ONLY receive exactly $ XXXX monthly or under $ XXXX annually and this has been the case since both my doctor and lawyers had proven to the administrative law judge assigned to my case that I was in fact injured in an accident XXXX and also acquired a XXXX known as XXXX that was confirmed by a XXXX in XXXX. I can only stretch the lousy {$840.00} a month so much before I am broke once again for the month and left with barely enough for the usual necessities to survive along with the help of my wife, the only household income for me my son and my wife which essentially just gives us a roof over my head, yet these relentless low level collection agents still continue to harass me and my family and what ‘s more for XXXX work my XXXX providers office ‘s ” covering Doctor ” no less ordered WITHOUT disclosing to me the exorbitant cost of the numerous tests he ordered when I ONLY requested he do simple basic XXXX and XXXX but much more than that was done without my consent and to make matters worse the XXXX was NOT sent to XXXX, the XXXX I always use for ALL AND ANY XXXX. As a result of both my long term financial hardship and NOT following my instructions where to send this very complex blood work, I REFUSE and am UNABLE to pay the enormous bill of {$810.00} for what should have been a simple XXXX and SENT to the lab of my choice NOT XXXX XXXX Hospital I specifically and unequivocally stated where I wanted the XXXX to go to which was either XXXX ONLY as they are the labs we were told to be most affordable and IN NETWORK. I had called ACS and spoke to a supervisor XXXX XXXX who told me she would contact the Hospital where the XXXX went and explain the whole situation in hopes of them writing off the alleged debt or simply just paying for the XXXX which I authorized if I could in one or multiple payments. They threatened me that if it was assigned to a law firm, my pay ( I do n’t work and am on XXXX ) would be garnished and they my small checking account with a small monthly balance left in it, after the few other bills above were paid, would be levied!! This is ludicrous and insane and despite these threats including a default judgement, a law firm ” may ” obtain but not if I have my way. As the old saying goes you ca n’t get blood from a stone. I do not own any property nor am I on the deed or mortgage, to boot! So, the FDCPA protects me from preditors like the collection agency and it ‘s overly zealous owner and staff is simply harassing me despite the above story and facts as well as, thus, violating the FDCPA and I will NOT tolerate it anymore nor am I the least bit intimidated by this one of many collection agencies that cross the line and are making those of us that are sick even sicker. Cease and Desist and if you must take me to court I will tell the Judge the same thing and about my dire situation and errors made by the covering XXXX , XXXX XXXX who I never saw before in my life since I have been going to this practice, therefore he knew very little about me and my conditions and WHY I went there in the first place. Certainly NOT for me and my family to be continually harassed by ACS in this instance.


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