Communication tactics

XX/XX/2014, I purchased a living room suit and a dining room suit from Conn ‘s Home Plus. A company based in XXXX with retail outlets around the country. I bought my furniture in XXXX. A few months after the purchase, as well as earlier this year, I was between jobs and fell behind on payments. They have proceeded to hound me to death by ” blowing up ” my cell phone. I have received as many as ten calls per day, even on days when I answered their calls to explain my situation. Yesterday I received ten calls. Today as I type this at XXXX MDT, I ‘m up to six. I have had to turn off the ringer on my cell phone so I ‘m not disruptive at work. The stress that I ‘m suffering from this harassment is taking a toll on my health.

Additionally, when I signed for the loan it was for ” two years same as cash ”. They failed to notify me that if I missed a payment this agreement would be null and void and I would have to pay the full amount of interest even if I paid off the furniture early. So, I will end up paying thousands of dollars extra by the time I can finally pay the furniture off. I read that CFPB could possibly help me. I hope that ‘s true!

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