Communication tactics

I am having a huge p roblem with Central Finance Control. I found anothe r account this one b eing XXXX on my XXXX and XXXX report. The other account I previously filed about was different and on XXXX XXXX . I have sent them a cease and desist, called their office and requested FCRA 623 required to report any account to cra and prove verification of accuracy including complete paymet history and sisgned contract from original creditor. They have refused to provide it and denied me the requeste FDCPA letter of notification within 5 days of receiving. They also were abusive and rude on the phone and refused to provide the letter of assignement between the original creditor and their collection agency which too is my right to have to any account they claim belongs to me. WHILE EATING DINNER WITH MY FAMILY last night at a restaurant I got a phone call from CFC after XXXX XXXX and have phone record to PROVE IT, and the phone call XXXX from NEVADA and that is illegal as CFC i s in CALIFORNIA So misrepresentation of their location and calling from somewhere they are NOT located. To beat it ALL the rep on the phone gave me my full social security number WITHOUT even verifying it was truly ME on the phone!! That is complete ignorance of collection tactics and LAWS for a collection agency!! When I questioned why in the world this rep would provide that kind of info over the phone I was ignored This is NOW A HIPAA vi olation and warrants lawsuit for not only the original creditor but absolutely warrants lawsuit easily won against central finance control!!!!! I have contacted the original creditor and notified them this agency is operating in totally disregard to credit reporting laws, violation of FDCPA and noncompliance to FCRA and FACTA. This will be taken now to the Better Business Bureau and Attorn ey Generals Office of California. I will contact the California regulator for collection agencies and Bureau of collection offices and debt collection.

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