Communication tactics

I have previously reporte d Portfolio Recover Associates for a highly abusive phone call in which I had to hold my phone from my ear as a representative repeatedly ( screamed ) asked me who would have opened these accounts. All I asked for was an itemized bill showing how they got to the number they claim I owe. He talked over me, would n’t let me get a word in edge wise and when I did talk, would talk down to me like I was a dog. A supervisor was asked for and she promised I would be on a 10 day no call list. I was called no more than 5 days LATER! I had n’t even received what she claimed she would send out. I had called back in due to getting something from them in the mail which was n’t what I had requested. I found out that was n’t what they were sending out and was told to wait. I am continuously being harassed by this company despite honest attempts to work with them and simply ensure the amounts they claim I owe are factual.

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