Communication tactics

They go by Natilonal Credit Adjuster or XXXX , They have repeatedly called my job on several occasions harassing my co-workers and supervisors saying that they are trying to find me and other personal information. My Supervisor even had a talk with me worried that a personal investigator or something was trying to find me. They can not call my place of business and leave voicemails and harass others frequently. They called in XXXX XXXX 2017, and called again on XXXX 17. And t hat is just the recent ones that I can remember! I have been in to uch with them and they say that they will send me verification of the debt, which they have not. They also say that they are going to serve me with a summons several times, which they have not. they say I have a case # which is not valid as a court case #. I know the law and informed them that this is misleading and they tried to say that I was getting hostile and it I did n’t admit this debt they would be forced to seek legal action which they have not!

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