Communication tactics

We have received several calls from a man named XXXX XXXX looking for my husband. He refuses to provide any more details other than his name and XXXX number, saying this ous a personal matter. Due to how rude he has been coupled with the lack of information from him, I asked him to correspond via mail, and to stop calling. The calls stopped, but never received anything in the mail. Several weeks pass, and XXXX XXXX called our house again this morning. I explained my husband was unavailable, and asked if I could help him. He asked me to just have my husband call him, and provided his name and XXXX number. When i asked what company he was with, he refused to tell me, only saying it ‘s a personal matter. I told him, ” no, you need to tell me what company you represent or I wo n’t have my husband call back ”. He said, ” real immature. How about you grow up? ” I said, ” excuse me?! ” He said, ” you heard me! Grow up! ” I responded with, ” lose my number XXXX XXXX ” and hung up. I then had to XXXX the XXXX number he gave me to find the company he worked for, which turned out to be National Bond and Collection Associates. I called the other number listed on the website and asked the receptionist to speak to a supervisor. Then I asked if XXXX XXXX was an employee. She explained that he was the supervisor. I then asked to speak with his boss because I was upset at the insulting bullying tactics XXXX XXXX was utilizing. The receptionist, who did not give her name, chided me while saying, ” look at how you ‘re talking! You are immature and need to grow up! ” I told her to lose our number, and proceeded to call their local police department. The answering dispatcher told me I needed to go through my local department. Needless to say, the police were a dead end. I then contacted the FTC, who directed me to this site to file my formal complaint. I ‘m familiar with collecting procedures and what companies can and can not do. XXXX XXXX and his associates resort to illegal bullying tactics and evasive answering ; intimidating actions that might scare people into paying a debt they might not even have. XXXX XXXX ‘s refusal to provide supporting documents and unwillingness to provide company identification makes me think they ‘re skirting the line of fraud. At the very least, they ‘re bullies that need to be stopped.

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