Communication tactics

I was in a debt management service in year XX/XX/XXXX. My income level lowered, so I contacted this company ans asked would they contact my creditor and asked for a ( pay off now amount ). This management company told me that I would have to not make payments ( go into default ). When in default the management company said then they could contact this creditor about accepting a lower payoff amount. After I went into default this management company did nothing and left me out of contract with them, and I was left out of good standing with this credit. This is when my debt was sold to a third party debt collector for XXXX dollar. That third party debt collector is the focus of my issue. My credit reports has had this bad report for sixteen years. This one debt has been sold and resold to XXXX to different debt collecting companies and going past the time limit to pursue debt without a court case. In XX/XX/XXXX XXXX of the credit reporting agencies dropped this debt from my credit files. But XXXX just got around to removing this collection agency ( on! XX/XX/XXXX ). Here is what made me angry, this collection agency company wrote me in same mouth that XXXX said this creditor listing had came to the its legal duration. In this delt collector ‘s letter in XX/XX/XXXX, they said that the law would not allow them to come after me on an old debt like mind but they would continue to report my debt to the XXXX collection agencies. I then contacted XXXX and they said there was nothing bad on my current credit report files ( debt collector lies ). This debt company is bothering me every other mouth with a {$730.00}. bill I can 40 % off. I ‘m retirement age and I surely know retirement income is not subject to law suit. I just want this company to go away and the bills in my male box to stop too. This is a very very old bill that went wrong and should be forgotten.

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