Communication tactics

Citizen ‘s Bank Mortgage ( XXXX ) XXXX incessantly calls my phone numbers starting on the XXXX of every month if the mortgage has n’t been paid by that time. Today, XX/XX/XXXX, I spoke with a representative in the morning because I called in to ask why my mortgage payment went up ; I had to ask numerous times to be transferred to someone who could explain the increase before actually being connected with that department because the representative was incessantly trying to pin me down to a date when I would make my payment. When I told him I needed to check my checking account before providing a payment date, he angrily responded, ” Well, sir, the phone calls are going to continue then! ” Sure enough, by the end of today, I have by now received a minimum total of 6 phone calls between my cell and home phone from XXXX ( and possibly more ). The messages they leave are 1.25 minutes long and do n’t include any talking voices, just dead air space, until the last 15 seconds. When I called later in the evening to inquire about the harassment, another representative was equally as rude as the representative I was forced to speak with earlier in the morning. She was talking over me when I was trying to speak several times, was argumentative, and explained that they could call ” 4 times for each phone number ” that they had on file for me. In the end, she hung up on me. It is clear to any reasonable person, based on the conversations today and based on the number of calls I typically receive each day whenever I ‘m late on my mortgage, that the phone calls are designed to harass. Clearly, the purpose of the frequent calls is above and beyond pure communication with the customer ( me ) ; they are designed to be harassing and annoying. For this, Citizen ‘s Bank needs to get an earful from the authorities, and they need to apologize to me. I would also like for them to modify this abusive practice.

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