Communication tactics

Upon reviewing my credit report XX/XX/2016, I saw a collection account for Jefferson Capital Systems whom the original creditor of XXXX sold the account to for collections. I sent a letter to Jefferson CapitolSystems at the address listed on my credit report, which is supposed to be accurate information being reported to/by the credit bureaus. The letter was sent certified XX/XX/2016 and signed on XX/XX/2016 by XXXX XXXX XXXX. The letter stated that they had the required 30 days to verify and send me documentation of the accused debt that I was disputing as per FDCPA and FCRA. I waited the required 30 days from the date my letter was received at their office. I never received reply of verification of accused debt by Jefferson Capital Systems. Per FDCPA 807 ( 8 ) law, a collection agency is required to contact the credit bureaus on my behalf, and to make sure to add a sentence to my credit report withing 30 days, that says I disputed the negative item/information in question. THIS NEVER HAPPENED! They never complied to the credit bureau, and the credit bureau never marked my account as ” disputed by consumer ” within the allotted time frame. This now constitutes a breach of Federal Law on Jefferson Capital Systems which is now liable to me for damages of up to {$1000.00} per occurrence. So, I sent letter 2 XX/XX/XXXX. I mailed the letter on XX/XX/2016. Jefferson Capital Systems received it on XXXX XXXX, 2016, signed again by XXXX XXXX XXXX. I was giving them another 30 days to verify the accused debt. Instead of that happening, Jefferson Capital Systems filed a suit against me. I received it XX/XX/2016. Now, over 60 days have gone by since my initial letter XX/XX/XXXX. Now that ‘s another 30 days of breaking the law and holding Jefferson Capital Systems liable for another fine of up to {$1000.00} for the second letter I sent to them XX/XX/XXXX, which they also ignored. This was still not my first initial contact from them directly, but through the court papers I received. Then a week after the lawsuit they filed against me, I receive a letter from them. Still no verification, just a call me and let ‘s talk letter. I did n’t bother calling them. I felt I gave them plenty of time to respond to my two letters with documentation. I went to the courthouse to answer their bogus claim and file a countersuit against them. I guess their lawyer does n’t feel they broke any laws. Surprisingly, I think they had the credit bureaus remove their account from my report because it is not there anymore. Guess they are trying to hide the fact that they never contacted the bureaus to have the dispute remark added in time, but I have credit reports from XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX showing that their account is on them, with no dispute remarks. They broke the law and they want me to pay for it. I have the letters I sent them, the credit reports and the signed certified cards to prove they broke the law. I received the response from the court and we are due to court on XX/XX/2016.

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