Communication tactics

I have been trying to get XXXX and the collections company-NAT’L CR MGT to remove this from my credit report for the past few months now. and no action has been taken. I originally agreed with XXXX to start paying on my balance XX/XX/XXXX. However, medical issues came up from XXXX, so I called and informed a rep I would resume payments XX/XX/XXXX and wanted to ensure it would not go to collections. And they told me that was fine, I could resume payments at that time. XX/XX/XXXX, I contacted XXXX to resume payments and was informed it went to a collections agency. I was extremely upset. I contacted the agency and also XXXX to get this removed from my credit report and nothing has been done. XXXX is trying to go off the email communication for the original payment agreement, but refuse to go by what I was told over the phone as well … I have paid XXXX a lot of money out of pocket, and have XXXX small student loans with them that I pay ON TIME every month. it makes no sense I would purposely neglect this debt.

The collection agent who originally called me from NAT’L CR MGT was so rude and talked to me like I was a 2 year old. He was very combative. When I explained to him I would make payments to XXXX, I am just trying to figure out why they sent this to collections … his response to me was : ” Well then I will just tell them you are refusing to pay altogether. ” .. I said No! I am not refusing to pay, I am trying to figure out what they told me they would not send it to collections and still did. and he responds stating the same thing : ” I will just tell them you are refusing to pay. ” He was basically trying to slyly threaten me into paying. I asked to speak to a supervisor and informed I did not want him calling my phone ever again because he was trying to lie about my issue to XXXX. I also complained to XXXX but they have done nothing but say they can only go off of email record and not over the phone, which is not fair to me.

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