Communication tactics

I was paying on the balance of several XXXX bills due to XXXX ( XXXX separate XXXX within a period of 4 months, All performed at XXXX XXXX XXXX Hospital in XXXX Ar. ) – I paid on them for over 2 years, Then I was contacted that my payment of {$25.00} was not enough! Shortly afterwards- I XXXX and 5 months later had a XXXX.~ I was off work for quite awhile~ and I tried to get them to work with me~ They did combine XXXX accounts into XXXX, but I could not pay XXXX per month.
I am single – live alone XXXX XXXX XXXX and the only income I have is made solely by me~ After rent, utilities, etc. there is no way I can pay that amount!
Since then I do have Medicaid, but I do not qualify for any other type of assistance.
I got tired of the harassing calls ~ I could not have done anything anyway, the payment plan they set up for me was absurd!

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