Communication tactics

This company has been calling for quite some time. Usually XXXX-XXXX times a day harassing me, even calling from blocked numbers or different numbers. Usually the calls would start around XXXX and end around XXXX central time. They have threatened me to sue and have told me they will charge 20-30 % interest. I ‘ve lost my cool and told them off multiple of times to leave me alone. I will not pay a debit that ‘s outrageously false. Yes I believe I owe the debit but there were fees that were false. The apartment charged me a clean up fee and some other outrageous fees. I had XXXX pieces of furniture, I was never home and I ‘m clean. So no way there should have been a clean up fee. Anyhow, these debit collectors keep calling harassing me about the bill and I was willing to negotiate what I believe is owed. Ive told them to leave me alone if they were unwilling to negotiate and continued to threaten me. I ‘d hang up and they would call back like 5 mins later if that! Not to mention they one day decide to call me and say I owe interest like oh hey.. the extra is for 8 month interest???? Why did n’t they call me 8 months ago? How is this even legal!???? I believe I should pay what ‘s owed not what they think I owe … ever since then I ‘ve blocked a lot of there numbers … I ca n’t talk to people who try to pressure you to pay XXXX dollars for something less than 2k

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