Communication tactics

I lost my job about two months ago and my Macy ‘s bill was due XXXX/XXXX/16. Today is XXXX/XXXX/16 and a bill collecting agency called me twice today. Once at XXXX XXXX and the other at XXXX XXXX, both times I was at my current place of employment. I have NEVER been late on any of my payments. I did have XXXX slip up on my first payment where me being a teenager I sent them my debit card number instead of my routing number and they returned my payment. After that I personally drive about XXXX-XXXX miles to go pay my Macy ‘s bill and this is how I get treated after not even a week of being late. FOOLISHNESS! I ‘ve worked 3 weeks in the hole at my new job and my check has n’t come in the mail. I ca n’t give them money I do not have!!!

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