Communication tactics

To Whom it May Concern, I recently received a written notice from GLA Collection Company , Inc. out of XXXX, KY regarding the balance I owe to XXXX Hospital. I phoned them this morning to inquire about this, as I have been paying XXXX monthly since I first received my bill. ( I can provide proof, if needed. ) I first spoke with a female, XXXX, who explained to me that I do not have a mutual payment agreement with the facility so after only 6 months the debt has been sent to them. I then explained that I have been paying, noone has refunded any money or let me know this is not sufficient. I made her aware I have filed appropriate paperwork with the hospital for financial assistance. She stated I could now start paying them instead of the hospital. I told her I would not pay her company and would continue to pay the hospital monthly. This is where it gets shady … she then says that I have a {$40000.00} dollar vehicle and this is a luxury and not everyone can do that so she did n’t see why I just did not pay them. She stated she did not know why I was getting upset about this. I asked for her employee ID #, she said she did not have one. I asked for her last name, she told me she did not have to provide that information … I do understand this particular practice. I asked for her supervisor.

Now, I am on the line with XXXX. I told him I did not appreciate them pulling my credit report and telling me how my vehicle is a luxury. I found this unprofessional and an invasion of my privacy. After some conversation, he then brings up my XXXX XXXX XXXX credit card and how I have more than enough credit to just pay this bill with it. I explained to him that my credit card is none of his business. XXXX … yes ; credit card … no! I asked him why would I do that ; when you go to a facility to seek medical help you sign stating you WILL pay what the insurance does not cover but you DO NOT sign anything agreeing to pay within 6 months or you will be ” turned over. ” He then tries to offer me financial counseling stating how putting this on my credit card will only ” help ” my credit by eventually raising my credit score and even stating how he can see I have never missed a payment to my credit card and have excellent credit. He then told me ” why ” I should go about paying them in full with my credit card today because when we sought medical attention, XXXX treated my daughter promptly and did not have us wait. SO I SHOULD JUST PAY THEM TODAY TO ENSURE MY DAUGHTER RECEIVES THE SAME LEVEL OF MEDICAL ATTENTION THE NEXT TIME SHE SHOULD NEED MEDICAL CARE. Excuse me, I find this to be a threatening remark insinuating that my daughter will not receive quality medical care if I do not agree to pay them in full today. I am a registered nurse who is very aware of patients ‘ medical rights and violations of their care … it is against the law to deny medical treatment on a patient ‘s ability to pay.

While I realize, XXXX and GLA have no influence over this treatment of patients at XXXX ; I find this scare tactic abusive and in violation of mine and my daughter ‘s rights as consumers. Threatening subpar treatment for a child who has chronic medical issues is not acceptable!

At some point in this conversation, I did let XXXX know I was aware that he was viewing my credit report and that what he could not see was how much I pay monthly for utilities, groceries, diapers, daycare, and other medical bills.

I feel GLA, XXXX, and XXXX are in violation of the FDCPA ‘s guidelines for consumer treatment based on this conversation. DO NOT state that a patient will not receive quality medial care based on payment ability. I intend to continue to pay XXXX. I will contact XXXX XXXX Hospital about this matter. I will also be contacting my daughter ‘s surgeon.

Thank you for your time and careful consideration!

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