Communication tactics

I cosigned for a XXXX loan for a friend of mine. She was unable to make payments since she recently moved and did not have a job. We called and set up payment arrangements to stop the debt from going to collection. She satisfactorily made the XXXX payment. XXXX payment was due on XXXX/XXXX/2015. On XXXX XXXX XXXX, rep ID XXXX contacted me directly, instead of calling my friend first and demanded that I pay before XXXX or I would be sent to a collection agency with derragotory marks and the full {$9000.00} would be immediatly due. I did not like the tone of her voice … she was being very rude and demeaning. She would not let me explain the situation and she only concentrated on the debt, and paying the debt NOW!. At one point XXXX asked me if I was, ” enebriated. ” I am completely awstruck at the level of service this company is providing. They treated me as just another debt and personally verbally abused me. We called back later and spoke to XXXX ext XXXX, she is a supervisor, and she adv that there is a 10 day grace period and paying on friday would be ok.

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