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NONE OF THE ABOVE – YOU NEED MORE CHOICES. Read on and decide which choices to add.

When I called Advantage Group on XX/XX/2017 to pay the amount I owed, I discovered they have been charging 15 % interest. So I told XXXX, the rep, that I would pay it all if I got confirmation right away. I needed it right away because of a job that I applied for. XXXX, the rep said she would send something out on Friday, XX/XX/XXXX, so I waited all weekend and did n’t receive confirmation. When I checked my online bank statement over the weekend, I saw a charge of {$6.00} and an XXXX number to call. I called to find out what the {$6.00} charge was for and a recording said that any agency using their service must disclose that. Advantage did not disclose that to me and that is why I did not think that the charge was for the collection agency, because I specifically asked if there was charge to use my debit card to ay the debt and was told no. If there was a charge, I would have used an electronic check or some other means to pay.

On Tues XX/XX/XXXX, I called to find out the status of my confirmation letter, I have not received it yet. XXXX told me that it will be sent on Friday, XX/XX/2017. I told her that I needed it by the XX/XX/XXXX and I specifically told her that when I talked to her on the XX/XX/XXXX, otherwise I would not have paid it all off. AND because of the 15 % interest, I would have made payment arrangements. This place lied to me just to get me to pay the entire debt at once, as opposed to having me set up a payment plan or working something out. It is urgent to me because I need to get the problem fixed and off my credit report for a job.

During my conversation on XX/XX/XXXX with XXXX the rep I told her that I specifically asked about any charge and she said that she told me and she said that someone else told me when she had someone else on the line. NO ONE told me. I would not have used my debit card knowing I had to pay {$6.00}.

I feel that they lied just to get me to pay it off, told me what I wanted to hear just to get me to pay it off. I have XXXX money, I have no job and no income and I was trying to get a job and the prospective employer did a credit check and told me to fix the problem before I can move forward in the process.

So, not only am I out the outrageous fee, I paid the entire amount that I ca n’t afford and I will not get the job because I needed to provide proof to the employer by XX/XX/XXXX and XXXX told me I would receive confirmation by then … ..she lied. Plus, I would have simply set up a payment arrangement plan and used checks in the mail and saved money.

Their practice of collecting money is not fair and I do n’t think they should be allowed to charge interest when they did not try to get in touch with me after I moved out of the state. I submitted my change of address with the U.S. Postal Service, but they did not send me anything to my new address.

Someone of authority ( You ) should tell them to get their act together. People ca n’t always afford doctor bills and they are preying on that! Thank you.

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