Communication tactics

I have a personal loan with Security Finance in XXXX, TX. During my last renewal of the loan I asked XXXX, the representative who helped me with my renewal to place a note on my loan stating that they not call my phone during working hours ( XXXX – XXXX ) because that is my work phone and I can not take personal calls during the day. That did not stop their calls!! I have been a customer of Security Finance off and on for many years. I have always paid my loan payments. In the first week of XX/XX/2016 I notified the XXXX of the branch, XXXX, that I would not be able to make my payment until XX/XX/XXXX due to a job change and waiting on my State license for Mortgage Loan origination to be approved. The very next day I received a notice that Security Finance had made an inquiry on my credit report. I contacted the XXXX and she told me she was checking my credit to try and determine what was going on. I explained to her that she did not have a reasonable cause to pull my credit and that I was concerned that the inquiry would effect my pending license approval with the state. She told me she could pull my credit whenever she wanted. On XX/XX/XXXX spoke to XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX and complained about the credit inquiry. She agreed that my credit should not have been pulled and would get the inquiry removed. I sent XXXX a message in writing that I should not be called before XXXX because the office was calling me at least 2 times a day on my work phone even though I had asked them not to. I asked her to please stop them from calling me during the day. Since that time XXXX, who works at the XXXX office has called me XXXX times during my working hours on my work phone. Some days I was called twice during XXXX day. She has even called my references even though they asked her not to call them. I called and left XXXX ( XXXX XXXX ) a message telling her about the calls and again asked her to tell the XXXX office to stop calling me. I intend to follow up this complaint with a lawsuit. This company has clearly violated the Fair Credit Debt Collections law. If needed I will gladly provide phone records and etc … documenting phone calls and messages.

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