Communication tactics

Late XX/XX/XXXX when I moved from XXXX XXXX apartments, I received a notice from them that the balance had been given to a debt agency. I immediately contacted this agency to pay off the debt so that it would n’t have to be reported. The representative of the debt collection agency ( Rent Recovery ), XXXX, was very dishonest about this matter from the very beginning. He told me that this debt would not be reported on my credit as long as I maintained the payment plan that was in place. I set up the payment plan after I received communication from the original debtor, XXXX, without hesitancy. I checked my credit after receiving notification about a new account, and discovered that this had been reported since XX/XX/XXXX – approximately ONE WEEK after I moved! I contacted XXXX and he advised me that he would check with some ” department ” to see why it was reported and have it removed. I disputed the debt, stating that he told me it would not be reported. The debt was never removed. I made consistent, on-time payments – they were set up as a direct withdrawal from my bank account. Several months into this payment arrangement, in XX/XX/XXXX, I noticed that a monthly payment had not come out. I contacted XXXX about this. He told me, verbally ( never received anything in writing ), that now a new agent had taken over my account. I was never able to speak with this new agent, only able to leave a message. After leaving a message saying the payment had not come out, it came out a couple days later. Then, this happened again in XX/XX/XXXX. I reached out to XXXX again and left a message saying the payment had not come out. I never received a call back and the payment never came out in XX/XX/XXXX. I called again in XX/XX/XXXX, the first week of XX/XX/XXXX and left another message about the XX/XX/XXXX payment. XXXX then called me at the end of XXXX saying the payment was now due. I informed him that I reached out regarding the XX/XX/XXXX payment a couple times. He told me they had given my account to a new tech center and the payment was missed, but since it was the ” holiday ” he thought I could use the break. ( I never asked for a break. ) I informed him that I would like to make the payment at month end, per the normal agreement. He said he would reach out to yet another team to see if this was ok and get back with me. He then called back saying the payment was due in full. I told him I was unable to pay it in full and I felt it was unfair seeing as how the new XXXX company caused me to miss the XX/XX/XXXX payment. He became very aggressive and said ” well this is your debt, you knew about it, had the money and decided not to pay me. ” I told him, very shocked at his attitude, that I did not have the money at the time which is why I asked for it to be paid at month end ( per the usual agreement ). After being unable to reach a resolution, I informed him that I would be disputing the debt. A week or so later, I received a very rude letter saying it had to be paid in full with harsh statements in all CAPS. I would like to reiterate, that I ‘ve NEVER received documentation before and asked for it on our first call. He told me he could n’t provide anything.

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