Communication tactics

A woman called me at work and claimed I had criminal charges pending regarding bad checks I have written in XXXX XXXX. When I told her I do n’t have checks I was transferred to a supervisor who immediately started yelling at me. It was an old payday loan. ” DO YOU REMEMBER NOW? ” I asked them to not call me at work. She said, ” We can call you anywhere, anytime, and all day! ” I tried to tell her I had already settled with a debt consolidation company. She would n’t let me talk. She yelled over me and interrupted me, basically called me stupid saying ” you ca n’t sell debt! ” She proceeded to say they are pursuing legal action in XXXX XXXX and I can stop the process if I pay them now. Very hostile, rude, and would n’t let me speak or ask questions. She said I would be served papers the next day. I said thank you and hung up. I have received no papers. They continue to call me at work first and then my cell. I believe this is a fraudulent attempt to get me to pay on an old debt. They claim to be XXXX XXXX XXXX, but I ca n’t find anything about them online. The number is XXXX, and the only things that number pulls up online are complaints of attempts to collect an old debt through harassment and threats.

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