Communication tactics

My fiancee lost his job, and we have been reduced to one income. I have tried to set-up payment arrangements, several times, via email. I work full-time, and also own a bookkeeping business on the side, and do not have time to sit on the phone to for a half hour to try and talk with a customer service representative. My first time I reached out to Sears/Citibank letting them know I was having issues paying my bill was XXXX. It is now XXXX, and after several emails asking for someone to respond back to me via email ( and explaining my busy schedule situation ), I ‘m now in collections and getting phone calls every two hours literally every day. The phone calls are automated and are never from an actual person. This is absolutely ridiculous and not professional. I am extremely frustrated that even when I did email about wanting to work out a payment plan I even got automated responses back to my emails. Sears/Citibank customer service seemed like they did n’t want to work with me in regards to a payment plan, and/or my extremely busy schedule. They did not offer any option to work out my debt except to call them, which I told them SEVERAL times did not work for me. I am now in collections, my credit score is dropping, and I am NOT HAPPY! Sears/Citibank ‘s website even says there are payment arrangements available, but when I look for them on the site, they are n’t there!

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