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I am a single working mother with no family or financial resources. I purchased a used car on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX, in a state of utter desperation. I later discovered I had been a perfect candidate for a ” subprime loan ” ( the details of which I was not fully aware ), and which pretty much assured I would not be able to keep up with the very high payments and penalties. The lender is Santander, one of the top subprime lenders as I understand. During the course of the loan, I did make several late payments and was charged penality feels. At one point, the car was actually repossessed, but I was Able to get the car back by paying various additional fees ( which I had to borrow from a friend ) in addition monthly loan Amount. The car was Totalled in XXXX, XXXX. Despite having paid for gap insurance, Santander did not accept the gap insurance for the coverage of accrued late and/ or penalty fees – which started out at {$5800.00}. Hence, at this point, I no longer have the car, but had to agree to make monthly payments for two or three years. After receiving my tax refund, I made monthly payments of XXXX a month – but when thel money ran out I could not keep up with payments, especially BC I lost a job and I was sold another used car with a bad title ; As of now! I I have n’t been credited for paymwmts that were made, they continue to accrue Inretest, and Santander calls my cell phone about 7 times a day – they have also reported the nin- payment to my credit report. I apparently now owe {$6200.00}. Deapire the original amount being {$5800.00}, against which I made about 5 or 6 payments of XXXX They call me all day and night – and have also been calling two friends if mine as well as my step father. Please help!

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