Communication tactics

That is my business line. I have requested in numerous emails to Citibank to cease and desist calling my business line. My online profile does not even have that number. I get XXXX calls in a day to my business line and about as many on my home line XXXX which I have also specifically said in over XXXX phone calls ” stop calling me ” … what ‘s the issue? I had a personal line of credit that I have been paying down in what I believed to be a timely manner. I just received a call from a ” XXXX ” who until I asked ” are you an attorney? ” was literally arguing business contract law, ” you signed a promise to pay citibank and you ‘re XXXX days late, how ‘s that going to look on your credit?! ” I explain to XXXX XXXX that she can not begin to argue contracts with me. She admitted she is not a lawyer. I asked her ” do you know what FDCPA is? That you are calling a number on the Federal DNC list? ” She just demanded payment … how much? {$100.00} and though the exact same payment amount was made and cleared about XXXX days ago, she refused to even address that : ” I ‘ll be happy to discuss your account when you make it current? What ‘s stopping you from paying today? ” Well … calls from a robot asking me to hold … calls on my business line that my bookkeeper answers and says Citibank is holding for you? ” How is this even ethical and who is a collection agent to call me at my unlisted and — Citibank has promised to remove this number — but will not tell me how they got it. They have only acknowledged receipt of my myriad of emails. XXXX and really every Citibank representative is hostile, aggressive, and it ‘s substantially abhorrent to harass a customer who left the bank for a competitor. In fact these calls only started when I left the bank, and we pulled our business account. Citibank in no way meets any need as a consumer or commercial bank. I do not appreciate calling my business line and saying anything to any party other than myself after verifying it is me. Asking ” is this [ my name ] ” is not sufficient. They also violate the CARD Act and I believe the new FTC rulings. And when I tell the Citibank rep or email or call their supervisor I am promised they ” do n’t have my number ” and ” wo n’t call my business ” today though, XXXX says they will stop calling my business line when I pay {$100.00}. Can I make that now? ” This letter is a long time coming and I truly hope will illicit some type of serious response. I am shocked a bank that has yet to fully repay their TARP bailout can have what sounds like ex or. Urgent XXXX calling me, my business, my family : they called my sister. And blamed the computers … utter nonsense … last month where XXXX claims I am XXXX days late on a personal line of credit and ” violating the terms of a legal contract with Citibank NA ” ( lawyer-type tough talk, ) and I have proof from XXXX Bank of that transfer, it is a repeating transfer every month : all I can see, though Citibank will not tell me, is that they changed what was due claiming I was a day late oddly the same month I changed banks. I actually made two payments that month and am happy to provide any and all documents at my disposal or sign an affidavit that yes, this is a valid debt obligation, and yes, I a, paying it and have been fulfilling my obligations to Citibank. I respectfully ask the CFPB to convey the importance of these Acts and Federal laws. It is a waste of everyone ‘s time and money. Aside from the sheer obscene rudeness and misinformation … never has Citibank, in the XXXX years I was a client ever been helpful to me as a Client, and here I receive calls lecturing me on fulfilling obligations? Thank you for your time and attention. Please feel free to contact me ( yes, business line is fine. ) I am grateful there is a CFPB and I really just want Citibank to lose my number. I ‘ll pay as I have been doing and can show.

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