Communication tactics

after i was trying to figure out why i got a second notice from a city slicking debt collecting. when i called i got some foreign guy answer the phone EASILY PULLED UP MY FILE ON HIS COMP and i asked him why did i already paid this company ( he said there was XXXX companies XXXX and XXXX XXXX i asked him how is XXXX charging me if i already wennt to jail thats extortion to the max. regardless of what paper i signed. then he said i owed a total of XXXX and that XXXX was charging me 300 and some dollars even thoe i already paid them and took care of them. also XXXX said they would give me a call to come in and talk after i already paid and figure out what we were going to do. that was XXXX 2014 and its now almost XXXX. I also had both the XXXX of my stores pat me on the back and say they are going to call me and we are going to get past this and get me back on the schedule. i told XXXX of those dms today and he acted like this was the XXXX time he heard of it. but back to the debt collector. he started raising his voice at me not letting me get a word in and wouldnt listen to the question i was asking. i asked him several times and he would dodge it. i asked why does it say walmart and he starts talking about XXXX. i asked about gamestop he avoided the question and talked about XXXX qibberish that had nothing to do with case. then when i keep asking questions he started getting loud and yelling at the top of his lungs to call tomorrow then hung up on me. i called again and i got this lovely women on the phone. she said her computers where down even thoe XXXX mins ago he has all my info and the account info pulled up and the all of a sudden their computers dont work? weird. then she randomly hung up on me. then i call back get a supervisor and he answered again, i asked for XXXX and he was like ” IS THIS XXXX? STOP CALLING! ” Yelling at me. i said nope this isnt then he started listing off other people asking if i was them and then he just told me to leave him alone and that to call tomorrow to talk to his boss. if his boss hired him in not going to get much accomplished with a loser lawyer. the companies name is PALMER, REIFLER XXXX ASSOCIATES, P.A. By the way i hardly pay debt because most or scams and im not the idiot to buy debt. you have extra money so you just go give it away hoping people will pay you back hahahahahahahahahahahah what a joke

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