Communication tactics

Recently opened up a Walmart credit card under a promotion of no interest for 24 months if your purchase exceeds a certain amount ( which mine did ). I purchased merchandise in preparation of grad school with the intent of paying a little back from each paycheck I receive from the school. I paid three payments then when the fourth one was due it slipped my mind as I became extremely busy with papers, homework, etc. I thought it was due XX/XX/XXXX when in reality it was due XX/XX/XXXX, but I found this out because after i missed the deadline ( 7 days later ) i started receiving calls from a robo automated message telling me that it is the bank and they are with Walmart and gave me a number to call. I assumed this to be some sort of scam as what business would call you trying to get ahold of you to tell you to call a different number? So ignored until I got so annoyed and stressed ( 4 straight days of calling leaving one automated message usually while I was in class, one of the days I actually answered and it was still a machine automated message!! ) I finally opened up my laptop to see who they are. This is when I realized they are pretty much the debt collectors for Walmart so I instantly paid ( today ) once I realized the little mistake I made ( that apparently was justification for harassing me calling me everyday ). Then I start thinking I do n’t remember to giving them my number or to a debt collector so I went on my online portal for Walmart and realized I gave it to Walmart ( run by synchrony bank aka the bank that wo n’t stop leaving me automated messages ). Further looked into the place I gave Walmart my number and i apparently checked the box that said they are allowed to contact me about my account ( which I guess debt collection is?? Even though the average person would n’t think this is what it entails ) and use automated robo messages from third party. Funny thing is today is the first day I have recieved an email notice that I missed my payment after XXXX days of calling and leaving confusing phone messages. In the voicemail they were also very secretive about what the purpose of the call is which is why I thought it was a scam. They just gave their information and a number to call them at, but no way to stop these calls!! Word of advice realize when your are checking a box to receive information about your account realize you somehow explicitly consent to debt collectors harrassing you in the process. Oh and also realized when I checked through my statements that they are charging me interest going directly against their promotional 24 month no interest. All one big stressor impeding on my school work

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