Communication tactics

Today at XXXX, I received a call from a XXXX XXXX with Professional Debt Mediation out of XXXX XXXX FL ( XXXX ), for an apartment lease deficiency. I do not dispute this debt, however, I have never been sent anything in writing regarding this debt and giving me 30 days to dispute said debt. I indicated as much to XXXX XXXX on the phone and she did not say I would be receiving or should have received a notice in writing. She asked for a financial commitment to pay the debt and I informed her that at this time, neither myself, nor my husband are working so I could not give her a financial commitment. I asked her again at that time, to please send communication through the mail because to call me is fruitless because I currently have no way of paying her. She proceeded to inform me that the company could take legal action against me, which I am well aware of and I told her I understood. She asked again for a commitment to pay the debt. I again informed her that I could not commit to pay the debt, as I have no income to do so. She asked me if neither my husband nor myself were working, how were we paying our bills?. I told her, very politely, that it was not her concern and started to tell her that I intend to pay the debt but before I could do so, she yelled at me that it WAS her concern how I was paying my bills because her client is entitled to receive their money and it IS her business to know how I am paying my bills. All the while she was screaming at me, I was attempting to tell her that I was not trying to be rude and that I was well aware of the consequences of me not paying the debt but I could not help her, since I have no income. She was still screaming at me while I was attempting to tell her this and said FINE, I CAN NOT HELP YOU! and hung up on me. I have been a XXXX since 2003, specifically working as a XXXX. Currently, I am in school to finish my XXXX. I KNOW that how I pay my bills is none of their business and when I went to assert this fact, I was berated and screamed at like a piece of trash. As of this date, I will be keeping a log of the calls made to me ( she called my husband at XXXX today, as this is a joint debt ) and the things said if I am again treated the way I was today. I know that debt collectors do not have to be all sweetness and light, however, they do have to be professional.

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