Communication tactics

I have a loan with a company called One Main Financial in the city of XXXX, CA. I received a call from a representative by the name of XXXX. I have been attempting to apply for a loan deferment for XXXX weeks. The reps at the branch have stated they have emailed me the deferment form but I had not received it. Finally, on Wednesday, XX/XX/2016 XXXX stated she is handling my account and that ” I better get the form in ”! She became irate when I told her she was speaking to fast and I was unable to understand her words. XXXX then stated ” hold on! “. She Abruptly placed me on hold … When I advised XXXX that she was being rude, she in turn told me I was the XXXX being rude and hung up in my face. I called the One Main XXXX back, XXXX again answered the phone. I asked for a manager, she stated there is no manager and declined giving me the name of a manager. XXXX then hung up again. I have been a customer with One Main for some years. I have always worked with XXXX. She is extremely pleasant. The Service provided by XXXX was very unprofessional and disgusting. This is not reputation that One Main Financial should want for their bank.

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