Communication tactics

I took this installment payday XXXX/XXXX/15 in the amount XXXX. I gave them authorization to start automatically deducting the scheduled bi-weekly pymnts from my checking acct. My first scheduled pymnt was suppose to be deducted XXXX, which never was pulled. I did n’t realize it until that Monday, because I check my acct and the money was still in there. So I gave them a call and they were very rude because to them, it look as if I was past due. I immediately advised them that the money has been in my acct all along, so it could n’t have went wrong on my end. The rep then asked if he could verify my routing and acct number, when he did I advise that they had the incorrect routing number. He apologized and got it correct for me, so I asked if he can immediately reschedule the payment for XXXX, and the following installments could resume as normal. After that conversation, I just assumed that now that they had the correct information the rest of the loan would go smoothly. To my surprise the day after the XXXX, I checked my acct the money was still there, I logged into their customer portal, and I had another threatening past due notice and additional charges. I became very upset and I called them again. This time I spoke with a lady in the collections dept which made me even more upset because they put my account in collections when the money was in and has been in my account the entire time. When the lady and I first got on the phone, I immediately asked whats going on and why have they missed this scheduled payment again. She asked do I have the funds in my acct, and I advised that I do, after that she wanted to check the acct on file, this time they had the correct routing and acct number. So then she asked maybe my bank was blocking the payment, I advised we spoke with my bank when I initially took out this loan and they advised that they do not block those type of ACH payments. So she said she does n’t know what ‘s going on, so she asked when could they try again. I requested that day, she advise they ca n’t do same day so we would have to do the XXXX, which was a Saturday, and I said okay and I accepted the new scheduled agreement. That Monday the XXXX came around, and I checked my acct and the money was there, and I had yet another threatening letter about how I broke the promise to pay the debt on the XXXX ; In addition to that my balance was continuously increasing because they failed to collect the debt. This time when I called, I was routed to the corporate office because the acct was so called weeks past due. The lady came on the line very loud, rude, and unprofessional, which caused me to be even more upset. The first thing I said when she got on the phone was that ” I have been calling you guys for weeks trying to figure out why the money has still been in my acct since the first scheduled pymnt on XXXX, and each time we re-establish a payment schedule you guys never fall through. ” The lady replied, ” No, something is wrong on your end, the acct that we have on file might be wrong, or you just do n’t have the funds. This is the corporate office, and we are going to start a wage garnishment soon! ” I immediately advise that the prev reps I spoke w/ should have noted the acct that I have been calling everyday for the past two wks, and each time I was advise the acct on file is correct, and I should not have any add. fees, and my balance should not be increasing because they ca n’t collect the debt I owe them. She kept yelling telling me to calm down, and then she asked if she can verify the acct on file again, so I read off my acct and routing number, and she advised that ‘s what they had, so she rescheduled the payments for this Monday the XXXX and advise she would credit the acct {$25.00}, and assured that the issue was corrct and I will not have to call back. Also as of that day my bal is now XXXX ; I just feel this is not right.

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