Communication tactics

Person called me from Universal Recovery XXXX on behalf of XXXX. The bill was {$92.00}. They want me to pay $ XXXXwhich I know I have to pay. I wrote a check and it bounced. When the guy called, he said his name is XXXX he was very rude and abusive verbally. I tried to explain what happened but he was loud and told me that ” I should n’t have wrote a check anyway and this is what I get ” I told him to never call me again. I called a couple of weeks later to try to pay the bill and a lady answered the phone. I told her what happened during the last call, she said ” he should have spoken to me that way. She said that she was going to report me to the credit bureau tonight! Of course I got upset too but I was n’t at work. The name of this business is Universal Recovery. I fully intended to pay this bill, as a matter of fact I called to pay it but this is the second time that I have not been able to because of the aggressive behavior on both their part. This company should not represent anyone. They did send me three letters but I was trying to explain that my son was XXXX and noting else was on my mind at the time. I pay my bills and still fully intend to pay this one but I need advise on another way to pay XXXX because I ca n’t talk to these people again.

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