Communication tactics

I have continuously received several phone calls from Portofilo Recovery in regards to my XXXX XXXX credit cards. I have been unemployed since XXXX 2014. I receive no income. No employment. I currently reside with someone. I have made several efforts in retrieving employment by going on interviews and applying for jobs daily. XXXX XXXX can vouch for me when I say before my unemployment I was paying my credit card faithfully. Each time this agency contacts me I have to tell them each time nothing has yet to change with my income. I am then being asked can I borrow them money, am I married so that my spouse can help me pay out the money. Do I own or rent. I HAVE NO INCOME! While it is not my intentions to allow my debt to go unpaid at this current time I am unable to pay it. Once I am established it is my goal and duty to pay off my debts. It ‘s becoming a bit to much to receive calls as frequent as I do. Limit the calls some to at least once a month.

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