Communication tactics

On XXXX XXXX XXXX at XXXX XXXX ( MDT ), I received a phone call on my cell phone from XXXX . I did n’t answer it. At XXXX XXXX , I received another phone call on my cell phone from the same number. This time the caller left a voice message. The message was not for me, but another person. The message denoted if the debtor ( not me ) did n’t contact them, then they would n’t be able to work out something on their restitution. The message denoted failure to contact would result in ” legal papers ” being delivered on XXXX XXXX XXXX . Note : I know for a fact the debtor does n’t owe restitution, nor has ever been convicted of a crime. I called the phone number and a man ‘s voice answered the phone with ” Mr XXXX XXXX . ” There was no denotation of the name of the firm or this was an attempt to collect a debt. However, I explained I am not the person they are trying to reach. I asked for them to stop contacting me. I provided my cell phone number and was assured I would n’t be called. At XXXX XXXX , I received a phone call from an ” hidden ” phone number. I did n’t answer the phone. The caller left a message that the legal papers will be served on tomorrow ( XXXX XXXX ) between XXXX and XXXX XXXX . They further stated they believed I would be at work, and so they would go there after stopping at my home. At work, they stated they would seek out and talk with my supervisor. Note : This is the second time this same sequence of events occurred with this firm. The first time the firm refused to provide me with their name or address. However, I now have their information. I called back and talked with Mr. XXXX . Although the second message was a continuation of the first message, Mr. XXXX denied his firm called. Mr. XXXX wanted to know how I knew the debtor. Mr. XXXX stated my name and number was provided by the debtor. I advised Mr. XXXX talking to me about this other debtor was a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Mr. XXXX immediately hung up. I called back and was hung up on immediately. After several attempts ( to have them agree to stop calling me ), the phone was answered by the same voice who left the second message ( after I had asked them to not call me ) on the hidden number and identified himself as ” XXXX XXXX . ” I explained hiding who they were violated the FDCPA, this person stated the FDCPA did n’t apply as they were not ” attempting to collect a debt. ” I asked what this was concerning, and he denoted they ” prepare and serve legal paper for other firms. ” He hung up, when I disputed the premise the debtor gave them my name and phone number. After several further attempts ( t o have them agree to stop calling me ), the phone was answered by a man ‘s voice who identified himself as a ” Managing Director ” of their ” law firm. ” I explained I called and asked politely to have them not call me. The firm responded I have never nicely called their firm. He denied using his firm uses ” hidden ” numbers and attempts to collect debts with third parties. However, he refused to stop calling me as he stated this is n’t a debt collection attempt. I asked what this is concerning then, and he stated his firm prepares and serves legal papers on consumer debt. When I pointed out that is ” debt collection ” he hung up on me. When I called back, I was hung up immediately. Then, I called back and immediate ly ( mostly likely because of caller id ) they fully identified me, gave me my full address, told me parts ( off the internet ) of my life, and threatened to contact the Sheriff ‘s Office un less I stopped calling them XXXX trying to ascertain this firm ‘s actual identity ). They then hung up on me. I called a few more times and was immediately hung up on. Then, the call went to a voice message machine from which I learned the firm ‘s actual name.

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