Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

On XX/XX/2016, I called my mortgage company to make a payment of {$490.00}. XXXX, the lady I talked to, told me that I normally pay on line, after that, she hung up on me. I told my husband I tried to make the house payment, the lady hung up on me, I do n’t if the payment was made or not ; There were no thank you, we will process your payment, it will be so may days or what. My husband and I decided to pay the bill on line.

A few days later we found that {$490.00} was debited from my/ husband ‘s account ; {$500.00} was also. I called XXXX ASAP asking why this company took {$500.00} without my permission & requested REFUND! of {$500.00}. XXXX tried to talk me into letting them/company keep the {$500.00} payment because XXXX was coming and I was gon na have to make another payment anyway. I told XXXX why would I want to make two house payments and of a higher amount in which I tried to make a payment of {$490.00} with you from the beginning. After a few harsh words, she told me to go to my bank, get statement proving they took the money in question & SEND FAX ; I did as requested of me and {$500.00} was credited back to my/ husband ‘s account.

The next month ‘s house payment bill for XX/XX/2016, had a charge of {$25.00} for ( NSF ) NON-SUFFICIENT- FUNDS I called XXXX back asking why the charge of {$25.00} for ( NSF ) in which the money was there when you took it in the first place without me/ my /husband ‘s consent ; that I should not have to pay {$25.00} for something you all did wrong, Then, I asked XXXX to let me talk to someone in a higher position than her. I talked to XXXX supervisor, explained the situation at hand, requested to hear the recorded tape of quality assurance to prove that, # 1, I did not give you/your company permission to go into my/ husband ‘s bank account to get {$500.00} and now you want to charge me for the funds not being there.

She said she will get the tape from ( IT ) Information Technology and she will call me back. I had to call them back ( 2 wk ). Then I was told that my husband gave permission in which he did not because he was reclining in his chair in the living room as he always does. We both remember all of this like it twas yesterday. I always take extensive notes when I pay bills and just about everything I do.The supervisor told me that I can not hear the recording.She left me with the impression that they can do and tell me anything, Just pay the {$25.00} ( NSF ) and be through with it is the impression XXXX leaves me. TODAY, the amount of {$25.00} ( NSF ) is still on my bill.

This whole complaint is about my mortgage company debiting from my/husband ‘s bank account without permission, wanting to charge us for their paper work for them having to return our funds back to us. They will not let me hear the quality assurance tape and telling me we gave permission to go into our bank account in which we did not. This is not fair.

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