Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

this debt has been placed on my credit report, it was my wifes debt from a injury, this debt was suppose to have been paid by the company she sued and was court ordered for it to be paid. Last year Capital Accounts , llc. contacted me XXXX XXXX in regards to a medical bill owed to the XXXX and XXXX XXXX in XXXX, AL. I gave the lady who called all the information regarding the debt including the attorny who handled the case for me. After that discussion, no other person nor any mail from them has ever been recieved for me or my husband. I recently got on XXXX and checked my score and the debt was still on my account, i disputed this thru XXXX who removed it off my report due to inaccuracy. In XXXX 2016 we decided to purchase a home and had my husbands credit pulled, and to our surprise they attached this debt to him, without any contact to him via mail or phone. I have contacted the atty. that handled the case, as well as this collection agency who put this on my credit report. Yesterday XXXX/XXXX/16, starting at XXXX, i spoke with a XXXX, who coulnt pull this debt up using a name or XXXX last XXXX social and nothing under mine at all, after about 30 minutes he finally located it, he informed my that my husband was also responsible for this debt since he was the primary on our insurance, i told him i belived that not to be true! I told him I would call back. I called back and then spoke to a XXXX around XXXX and she informed me after 30 minutes or more of even locating our information once again, that he apperantly had been to the office and signed paperwork, i told her i hoped she was recording this because my husband has never signed anything in XXXX XXXX office, first off he does n’t XXXX, the lady became very quiet and stated that this was my bill, i then again to explain this over again to her and i have become aggitated because they ca n’t get the information straight. This morning I contacted the dr. ‘s office and they told me they no longer use this agency anymore. I called this afternoon and have been run in complete circles from one debt rep to another and on who stated his name as XXXX XXXX, supervisor, he decided he would send me to another bigger supervisor and low and behold i was back with XXXX again who stated he did n’t even know who the XXXX was or the supervisor, i laughed and felt concerned what kind of place are these people running. Again today I got nowhere with this. It is still on my credit report under XXXX for XXXX amt and on my husbands credit report as another, also this company does not mind sharing anyones personal information, as they pulled up my husbands account and discussed it with me without asking his permission first.

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