Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX XXXX refused care to me as a patient because she felt I owed her money even though I was up to date on payments based on the itemized billable account ( see attached billing ledger from her office manager, XXXX XXXX ).

Even though it was BEYOND what was due, I paid the {$300.00} bill in full to the penny on XX/XX/XXXX. I have attached copies of the receipt of payment and email confirmation thank yous for full bill payment from XXXX XXXX and XXXX XXXX, the doctor ‘s office managers.

In addition to attached copies of the ledger from XX/XX/XXXX, I have attached evidence of yet an additional payment I had made of {$150.00} on XX/XX/XXXX prior to the XX/XX/XXXX {$300.00} payment. The truth is : I paid WELL BEYOND what was due on the account according to the XX/XX/XXXX ledger balance.

I did not see the doctor in XX/XX/XXXX AT ALL because the doctor still refused services to me after I paid my bill in full on XX/XX/XXXX. After I paid my bill in full on XX/XX/XXXX, she abandoned me as a patient despite the fact that I had a time-sensitive FDA regulated XXXX. It took me four months to receive much needed care and refill the XXXX. I was XXXX by this doctor when she refused patient care to me and yet I have not yet taken any legal action against her for my XXXX ( although I should ).

TWO YEARS (! ) later, in XX/XX/XXXX, XXXX XXXX XXXX reported a collection of {$42.00} ( {$51.00} with interest ) to my credit bureaus — over and beyond the final bill which was paid. This is fraudulent billing — my account was paid in full in XX/XX/XXXX for {$300.00} and I have the receipt along with email confirmation that the bill was paid in full by her office manager.

I have tried to contact the doctor ‘s new office manager 17 times to resolve this issue and he continues to hang up on me. I have asked for the doctor to call me back ten times and she has n’t returned my calls. I have even tried to connect with the doctor on XXXX to reach her but she has rejected my invitation. I have tried to call the respective collection agency phone number listed as reference for this account on my XXXX credit report, and their number is ” out of service. ” XXXX XXXX XXXX is a bad doctor with illegal billing practices. Her team has zero concern for patients or resolving patient billing issues fairly. She fraudulently charges patients and her billing procedures need to be investigated.

Despite providing documentation about this issue in great detail including receipts, email confirmations, and more to XXXX, they refused to remove the Collection from my account. Both XXXX and XXXX have removed the Collection from my accounts, declaring it to be fraudulent billing. XXXX XXXX XXXX still refuses to take my calls and the phone number of her ” collection agency ” is disconnected.

Please help me as a consumer!

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