Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

My agreed amout to the credit agency was {$140.00}. I initially set up a payment plan for three payments of {$47.00}. I was able to make the full payment via the doctors office before my first payment came out. this was a week ago. I assumed they closed my account. A week after a payment was deducted from my account in the amount of {$47.00}. When i called demanding a refund, they changed the tune and said i owed {$190.00} instead and that extra was ” maybe fees, interest etc ”. the initial {$140.00} consist of the {$110.00} that i owed my doctor and {$26.00} in fees that they charged XXXX i dont understand why i was changed {$76.00} in fees! this is insane. they refuse to give me a refund and no one has a proper explanation on why i was charged an additional {$47.00}. everything is recorded and i just want someone to get the phone records to see that these people are lying and deceitful. I would appreciate my refund. they should not run a busienss if they are all being dishonest.

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