Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

XXXX breached our contract by not providing a signal in our home. The fact they provided us a ” Booster ” that connected to my internet is proof enough. Providing this booster is XXXX admission that they had poor to no service.
In XXXX XXXX we lost power due to a storm. During those 3 hours my internet was not powered and we could not get ANY signal from XXXX in our home. We have an XXXX year-old parent living in our home with health problems and has had numerous XXXX. After 20 years of paying XXXX XXXX of dollars using XXXX auto-pay, never a late payment, and listening to XXXX tell us every year that the service would improve, we ported our phones to XXXX. XXXX attempted to talk us back into using them. They would only allow communication by phone, not email. This is a deliberate scam XXXX uses to hide behind their recorded phones and leave their customers without any rebuttal.
Bottom line they stretched full separation from this contract out over months of time, claiming during that time they were still providing us service. With our lines/phone numbers transferred to XXXX XXXX providing us service of any kind is totally impossible!!!
In XXXX XXXX they apparently sold this false debt to Allied Collection Service, then totaling {$1400.00} of false charges and fees. Allied called us and we thought we had made it crystal clear to Allied we did not owe XXXX anything. I filed a compliant against XXXX with this site, and the FTC. I provided copies of these filed complaints to Allied by email and the issue went away … we thought. The XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX sent me an alert that my credit had been hit by XXXX and Allied. XXXX sent me a non-registered letter threatening me. I immediately filed another complaint, this time with the FCC and XXXX went silent. Then Allied hits us again with the same attempt to collect money from us that we do not owe.
Now our credit reports have taken major damage, dropping our good credit ratings by more than XXXX points. This should be a criminal offense due to : harassment, character defamation, loss of income due to countless hours spent defending ourselves, and incredible stress ( having had XXXX XXXX XXXX this is not good ).
Now our only option is to retain an attorney which we have in process. The only way I was able to get any communication with XXXX was by ” chat ” on their XXXX page … I have printed copies of the chat transcripts and many other documents for our attorney.
PLEASE help us right this wrong!

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