Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

This complaint is on XXXX. 2 1/2 years ago I called XXXX and ordered service. They shipped me the equipment to hook-up and begin my cable service. When the equipment arrived, I hooked the cable box up as directed, but it did not work. When I called XXXX back, they changed their story. Originally, they said a tech visit was unnecessary b/c the home had previously had XXXX. Now since the box did not work, XXXX wanted to charge me for a tech to come out and they did n’t have one available for 2 weeks. This made me angry, because they were wasting my time and this is not was I was originally told when I started service. I shipped the equipment back. Fast forward a few weeks later, I received a bill from XXXX that I owed XXXX dollars. It took me literally 10-13 phone calls to XXXX, requesting that this be taken off, or to speak with a manager, etc. Finally after a few months I went to my local XXXX store and was told that they removed the charges, since I NEVER ACTUALLY HAD OR USED THEIR SERVICE …. EVER!! Now 2 1/2 years later, a collection agency from XXXX pops up on my credit report! I never even received a call or letter from either company notifying me of this debt! My spouse and I are literally in the middle of repairing our credit to buy a house. This is really messing things up for us. To make matters worse, when I called XXXX, they can even find our account using our name or phone number or address. What a waster of my time! This company should be shut down! I would n’t use XXXX if THEY PAID ME A {$1000.00} A MONTH!! How do I get this debt taken off of my credit report? And can I sue them for falsifying information and lowering my credit score? Thanks.

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