Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

According to ALL of my credit reports, this account was PAID, and is now CLOSED. I have already spoken to one of their collectors regarding this debt. She informed me that she would request removal from ALL of my reports!!!!!! Also, this account was opened without my permission, I informed her of that as well. So, WHY IS IT STILL ON MY XXXX REPORT?!!!!! I check those DAILY for ANY XXXX ID THEFT/FRAUD, and there should be NO DEBTS on there at all!!!!!!!! I have been a victim since I was XXXX years old, I am NOT doing well healthwise, I am ONLY XXXX years old, however XXXX DO NOT care how old you are!!!!!! And I REALLY am sick of ALL of these debt collectors in general LYING to you ( CFPB ), about accounts being valid when NO, THEY ‘RE NOT!!!!!!! Also, I CAN BARELY SIGN MY XXXX NAME OR ANYTHING ELSE DUE TO CARPEL TUNNEL OR FILL OUT ANY XXXX FRAUD AFIDAVIT!!!!!! THIS STUFF NEEDS TO STOP, BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE TO PROVE A XXXX THING TO ANY OF THESE COMPANIES WHATSOEVER!!!!!!! I HAVE ALOT OF THINGS GOING ON AND DO NOT NEED ANYMORE PROBLEMS!!!!!! I DO NOT KNOW HOW MANY MORE XXXX TIMES I HAVE TO SAY IT, THE POLICE DO NOT ASSIST IN ID THEFT MATTERS AT ALL UNLESS YOU ‘RE FAMOUS AND ARE JUST SITTING ON MONEY OR THEY LIKE YOU AS A FAN!!!!!! I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON THAT THEY REFUSED TO TAKE A REPORT FROM!!!!!!!! AND I DO NOT WAN NA HEAR A THING ELSE REGARDING THAT!!!!!!!! THE AMOUNT OF THE DEBT WAS {$96.00}. THANK YOU!

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