Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

On XX/XX/XXXX I was contacted by representative XXXX of JVS Group stating that she was attempting to collect a {$470.00} debt incurred by me for medical services. I expressed to her that I had a XXXX balance with the medical provider that had been recently confirmed. I asked her for an itemized bill detailing the dates of service, patient names and amounts that she was attempting to collect for. She stated that she was unable to mail me this information but provided me with a list of dates and amounts that did not add up to the amount they said I owed. I immediately called the original debtor who checked in their archive system due to the oldest date of service originating in XX/XX/XXXX. They again confirmed that I had no outstanding balances other than an account sent to another collection agency that I make monthly payments towards. All other services had been paid for- not written off or otherwise sent to collections.

After reviewing the matter, and fearful of aggressive collecting tactics that could destroy my credit, on XX/XX/XXXX I mailed a certified letter to JVS to formally dispute the validity of the debt. I expected a return notice that they had received my letter. It never appeared. Instead, on XX/XX/XXXX I checked the tracking number via and learned that a notice was left at the address but no authorized recipient was available. So, I called XXXX XXXX listed on the collection letter from JVS. He was very unhelpful and advised me to mail my letter of dispute via regular postal mail or to give him my phone number so that he could research my complaint. Then, after I refused to give him my number ( which his office has since XXXX called it before ), he stated that I had several open collection accounts, he was a very busy man on his way to a meeting and unceremoniously transferred me to his voicemail! I left him a message with my name and my JVS account number and advised him to cease and desist all collection activity since I dispute his claim.

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