Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I had a set of dentures made and they did not fit properly, I returned to the dentist and explained the problem. After several unsucessful attempts to correct the improperly made denture, I was toldthey were unwilling to repair them and the dentist admitted there was a problem but they were unwilling to make any further attempt to correct them and I would have to live with the improperly made denture. I was unable to swallow or eat with them in my mouth. I finally went to a different dentist who told me to NOT wear them because they would cause damage to my mouth because they were not made properly and did not fit in my mouth correctly! I had an unpaid balance and contacted the office and told them I was unwilling to pay anymore for teeth that did not fit. I asked for a full refund of what I had already paid and they refused and sent the bill to collection. I still have the teeth which i am unable to use. I paid almost {$2000.00} for something that was made wrong

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