Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

My name is XXXX XXXX and I am currently employed with the XXXX XXXX. Unfortunately I was part of a scam of XXXX XXXX security under the agency Hillcrest and Davidson and Associates who has wrongly put an open account in collections. I received a call stating I ” won ” an alarm system that was completely free, they would not stop calling me about this so I told them to call my parents surely thinking it would get handled. They then called my mother and told her that they were to install an alarm system all free inside our house and manipulated my mother to sign for me. They told her she was signing for the free system so they could install it. They never notified more nor did I ever sign a thing nor did I ever verbally agree to installation of the system. I was in the state of CA at the time and have been since I have only been stationed here to work aside from training in North Carolina. My parents live in Texas where the company XXXX XXXX went out there to set up the ” free ” alarm and even told my parents it was ” free ” and that I won for being military. Well they sure do appreciate their military because the entire scenario was a lie. They sent bills to the home in Texas which they installed it and never sent it to me nor did they call me notifying me of this being done. I do n’t live there and I was unaware of what was going on, my parents told me the ” free ” alarm system never worked and they called the company several times to just take it back because it did n’t work and they did not take it back, instead they just sent bills for the system which I have also never seen. It is unjust to pay for these when first of all I did not verbally agree, I did not sign any documentations, I never was notified of the system being installed, and I was never even sent any documentations copies or bills about this so I was completely blindsided. It was n’t until I started receiving harassing calls at my work place which at the time was XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX a military hospital base telling me I owed money which I had no idea what they were talking about as stated previously. When I was n’t available at work they would tell my co workers that I owed money and I needed to call them back. When I say them I am speaking of the agency Hillcrest and Davidson and Associates. They threatened to get me kicked out of the military because they were going to call XXXX about my debt and they said I should know better and should pay up if I did n’t want to ruin my career. During the time I was about to XXXX and my parents said they would call the company to take care of this because it did n’t make sense that this was all happening. I came back from XXXX and tried to call Hillcrest and Davidson and Associates to explain but I spoke to a man named XXXX who by the way is one of the most unprofessional persons I have ever met. He said that I was a liar, that they have all the proof, that I am responsible since it is m house, he even went as far as to mock me and tell me to go speak to the XXXX XXXX which is also know as the XXXX XXXX and tell them about it because he was n’t going to do a thing because I was making false statements. Honestly it has been the other way around! I feel like I can not win whenever communicating with them and it is very stressful for me to have to deal with because being in the military I have to be ready at all times to deploy. With this on my mind it is hard to be prepared mentally because I have the stress of my civilian issues with my credit which I am not to blame. I have proper documentation stating I was working whenever any of those documents they have were signed. I was in a completely different state, I have never even seen this contract or a bill to this day. The only thing I have gotten as I stated before were harassing calls at home & at work as well as a {$3100.00} debt in collections.

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