Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I received a bill from Nationwide Recovery Systems out of XXXX, TX around XX/XX/XXXX, Stating I owed XXXX XXXX money in the amount of XXXX the woman I spoke to at Nationwide Recovery was more than nice, the trouble I am having is from XXXX . after speaking to nationwide recovery I was given the account number accociated with my name, My name is nowhere in their system, is what I was told multiple times everytime I asked for a supervisor they were ” out to lunch ”. After calling lincare 3 times I finally got to talk to a supervisor who informed me the account number that was sent to the debt collector was from the year XX/XX/XXXX, I was XXXX years old year in the year XX/XX/XXXX. I ‘m trying to purchase a home and do not need this on my credit score. Ive explained this to lincare multiple times but they are n’t getting anything done. Its been almost 4 weeks that I have been stressed out about this and I need it resolved asap, I have stayed in touch with nationwide recovery and they have been great. I need to have this resolved, this is a 17 year old account. I was informed yesterday after attempting to contact the supervisor for lincare 6 times since last Friday that someone was looking into the archives to find the file, if it is in the archives how could it be sent to a debt collector on XX/XX/XXXX? I would appreciate it if you could help me resolve this matter quickly, I did n’t want to leave a bad review but this is my credit their affecting not theirs. thanks for the help!

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