Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was looking at my credit report and noticed a collections penalty on my report. It was from Focus Receivables Management who said I owe XXXX XXXX XXXX {$700.00}. This was blatantly untrue and I ‘ve never owed XXXX XXXX any money. In fact, I ‘m currently using them with a balance of {$0.00} owed on my account.

I called Focus Receivables to fix this problem and they said the debt was for an address that I ‘ve never even lived in. So I explained how this could n’t even be me and how it was likely a case of identity theft and they did n’t believe me! I asked them, what do you need from me to prove that that ‘s not me and they just told me that I need to talk to XXXX XXXX. The woman I was talking to actually said that she did n’t believe me and had literally never even heard of the concept of identity theft. No help whatsoever.

I call XXXX XXXX and they say that I have to talk to Focus Receivables and there ‘s nothing they can do on their end since the collection was already filed.

I know there ‘s a process for removing false collections due to identity theft and Focus Receivables pretended to not know and thus always have a collection out on me and hurt my credit score. They need to fix this immediately.

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