Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I went to the XXXX XXXX in XXXX, TX on XXXX occasions ( XXXX & XXXX 2015 XXXX to receive a set of immunizations. I have been billed and turned over to collections for a charge of {$180.00} that XXXX say that I owe. XXXX has a contract with XXXX, my insurance provider. XXXX has supplied the attached letter to XXXX and I have to the collection agency ( PMAB ) as well. Neither business will honor the letter and are continuing to call and harass me for payment. I have been battling with this issue since XXXX 2015 with no resolution. XXXX is extremely difficult to get in touch with. I had XXXX phone call from the XXXX billing office in XXXX 2015 and it took me leaving an angry voice mail for the billing office to call me back. The lady I spoke with was very rude and had no intention of working out the situation with me. She just kept telling me that I owed the money.
I have finally gotten a dedicated XXXX supervisor working with me to resolve the situation. She has spoken with XXXX once and they have basically lied to her and told her I was informed that the immunization in question was not covered by my insurance and that I agreed to self-pay. The immunization in question is covered by XXXX, but not the ” version ” of the shot they administered to me. They did not tell me that I would have to self-pay, and had they informed me that the immunization was {$180.00}, I would have left without it. No one in their right mind would pay {$180.00} for an immunization! In addition, this is a walk-in clinic and had they wanted me to self-pay, they would have had me pay up front, which they did not. They never mentioned any of this to me. I was not billed until after I returned a second time in early XXXX for the second round of the immunization. It has now been 6 and a half months and yesterday I received an email from XXXX saying that I owe {$380.00}. I believe that they are now charging me more because I have individuals calling on my behalf and they are angry so they have decided to bill me {$180.00} for the additional immunization booster. On top of all of this, I have failed to be fully immunized as I am not going to go back for my third and final round of the immunization because of their deceptive business practices.
This business has deceptive business practices that I believe is unethical to the client. I do feel that my rights as a patient and a customer have been violated. I have a spotless credit rating and they are bound and determined to keep me in collections and place this against my credit. The collection agency ( PMAB ) who I have have spoken with on many occasions and sent them documentation does not care what XXXX says, they only ” work ” for XXXX and will only listen to what they say. I desperately need some help to resolve this issue and hope that you can help me.

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