Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In XXXX I cancelled my cable service with XXXX XXXX and followed their instructions to disconnect the service and return all the equipment. I verified with the clerk that took the equipment that there was nothing more that I had to do. A week later I received a letter from XXXX XXXX acknowledging the disconnect but that I had to return the equipment. I called and verified with the customer service representative that they show that I returned all equipment. One week later I receive a bill from XXXX XXXX for the next month ‘s service. I called again and was told that someone cancelled my disconnect order. I assured them that it was not me and that I no longer had their service in my home. I was told I would still have to pay the bill since I had access to the cable and I had not properly ordered the disconnection. I had the letter from XXXX XXXX acknowledging the disconnection effective XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and said I was not going to pay the bill. The agent then told me I still owed for the equipment. I gave her the receipt number for the equipment. I am then told by the agent that I still had to pay a fee because of early termination of a locked in rate! I asked for a signed contract showing that I had contracted for this supposed locked in rate, but never received anything. The next thing I get is a collection notice. I send the collection agency, my letter, the receipts and the letter from XXXX XXXX. I received a response back that no further action was required and I did not owe the money. This was early in XXXX. On XXXX XXXX, XXXX, I received another notice from a collection agency that I still owe the {$45.00} from XXXX! I called immediately and the agent told me that I had to pay this money. I explained that this was resolved in XXXX and told them to have XXXX XXXX research their records. I was told I had to send them the documentation from XXXX. I no longer have this documentation. I am sure that I shredded it earlier this year since it was resolved and I had no reason to believe that I would hear from them again. The agent told me that I still had to pay the money. I told her to go after legitimate debts and stop harassing me about this unjustified charge.

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