Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

I was behind on my timeshare maintenance dues payments. I owed about {$1200.00} and I paid the past due amount plus the next months payment in full on Friday XXXX/XXXX/2015 on my original creditors website and they accepted as payment in full. The following Monday XXXX/XXXX/2015 I got a call from Pinnacle Recovery Inc. and talked to someone names XXXX. She said I owed about {$1500.00} for the account dues that had been handed over to them. I had not heard from Pinnacle prior to this ever and had already paid my original creditor in full. I explained to her that I had already made payment in full to satisfy the debt and there was nothing more I was obligated to pay. She continued to push the issue and stated I owe them ( Pinnacle ) {$300.00} additional because the account had been assigned to them. I had never heard anything from them or had any contact whatsoever before I made my payment to my original creditor. XXXX called me back about a week later and said that I still owed them the {$300.00} and I said no because the timeline does n’t support their statements and I got my payment into my timeshare before ever hearing from them. This company is a joke!!! What do n’t they understand about me already paying my debt. I sent certified letters disputing my case and sent emails with the payment confirmation I made on XXXX/XXXX/2015 to show as proof ( see attached documents ). I am really tired of these bottom feeder tactics and have notified my attorney just in case they continue to pursue this. Please see the attached documents showing the timeline of this. Also please note on the Pinnacle Document XXXX attachment the sentence that says ” Please do not contact XXXX, The Club regarding this debt until the amount has been satisfied through our office ” I would have gladly followed the correct procedure and paid the debt through Pinnacle but I had already made payment in full to XXXX as seen in my supporting documentation and payment confirmation letter from Worldmark. I am not one to skirt the issue or find ways to be deceptive. I believe in following correct policies and procedures. What I do dispute and have objection too is companies like Pinnacle who try and take advantage of people and not look at the facts. I will not stand for this and and demand this be taken care of now!

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