Cont’d attempts collect debt not owed

In XX/XX/XXXX -XXXX a credit card was taken out in my name with XXXX, I did n’t find out about this till after I was going through divorce, and had moved out of where I was. I disputed it once i fou d out. I heard nothing back until i got the collection letter from XXXX. I again disputed and requested verification from them. I also coated XXXX myself with them having no information to provide aside account number, and address. A place I had n’t been in over 4 years at this time. When asked to prOvid proof of debt, I was mailed a statement with the address I had n’t lived at since XX/XX/XXXX. I was then served with a summons from love bealXXXX and Nixon out of XXXX, represented by attorney XXXX in XXXX oklahoma in XX/XX/XXXX. I disputed again, and my dispute was ignored, no verification of debt was given, no signed contract, not so much as a signed credit card receipt. I filed my dispute with court and explained that they have provided nothing to sustaniate the debt. It had to go to court in XX/XX/XXXX, I filed my dispute with the court. No proof was given on court either. A letter from a third party who swears by XXXX business practices says it ‘s verified, but no evidence was ever or has ever been given. LOVE BEALXXXX AND NIXON CONTINUE to filed motions with the court and a bill that was once {$1100.00}, is now {$2300.00}. They continually try to garnish my check even though my child support was already taking out half of my check. This is XX/XX/XXXX, and they are still causing my life XXXX, trying to garnish bank accounts, and paychecks and have never been required to show one bit of evidence that this is me. They rely on the fact that I am ignorant of the law, and do jot have enough money to hire attorney to fight. I have repeatedly told them this is not me. They will not show any proof, and tells me I have to prove it ‘s not me. How are they allowed to just take money frim me, and my family with no evidence aside a credit card bill sent to address I was not at any further, and a letter from a third party that neither works for the bank, nor provided any evidence. Please help, they are driving me crazy, I have even offered them XXXX to settle, because I thought there was no other way to deal with this. but they refuse because they can get more through XXXX corrupt court system.and garnishing my bank accounts. I am not able to open an account now, because the levy on my bank accounts made the bank charge me even more fees that I could n’t afford resulting in another bad debt., this is causing tremendous stress with my homelife. Please help me. This can not be fair, or legal. If they garnish my check it will not allow me to pay my rent. Which will mean eviction and another bad debt. Please help!!

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